Our mobile grooming salon is currently receiving its finishing touches. We will upload pictures as soon as it's ready 

Puppylicious is now going into our 6th year being mobile in the van!!! the years have flown by!! Since opening in 2013 i have upgraded to a new and more high tech van which features a sky light, windows, insulation, heating and even air conditioning! Which proved its value this summer, I was able to continue working even through all the very hot weather! 

I have also Retired my old Lady Cleo (my Rottie) she now lives the life of luxury at home on the sofa and handed the reins of being a van dog over to our newest Recruit... Storm.

Storm Joined us in Feb 2017 he's an american cocker spaniel but has the heart of a Rottweiler after a few weeks of Cleo showing him how we behave in the van he's nailed it! He can't wait to greet all his doggy friends! (if your dog isn't dog friendly please let me know in advance as those days i can make arrangements for storm to stay at home)

Storm and i are hoping to be able to do some grooming competitions in the future!

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